HEART RHYTHM specialist


Our results

Dr Dhiraj Gupta is committed to

  1. auditing his ablation results regularly, and to sharing these with not only his colleagues but also the wider lay public. See Gupta AF ablation results 2007-9.ppt.

  2. measuring success by analysing patient-specific outcomes rather than empirical ‘procedure based’ ones. With time, this should result in our emphasis shifting towards assessing the impact of EP procedures on holistic quality of life measures.

  3. encouraging an approach that strives towards achieving success rather than towards avoiding failure. For EP, this will hopefully result in a lower need for repeat procedures.

Dr Gupta is one of the highest volume operators in the country. These are the number of AF ablations that he has performed in the last 4 years:

  1. 2009: 152

  2. 2010: 160

  3. 2011: 174

  4. 2012: 195

No two AF patients are the same. We realise this, and accordingly tailor the catheter ablation strategy according to the individual patient characteristics. This approach is different from the ‘one size fits all’ catheter ablation approach that is performed at a lot of other centres, and we believe this individualised treatment strategy enhances our single procedure success rates.

To learn further details about this strategy, please click here. AF ablation results Gupta.pdf and AF ablation Northern AF meeting.ppt